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Installed PWAs cannot easily be restarted on iOS
iOS 12.2 PWAs? In-App browser for external content (OAuth)? New lifecycle (No Reload)?Navigation gestures?WebShare??Motion Sensors disabled; old getUserMedia removed? IntersectionObserver, ConicGradients, datalist, color picker, AbortFetchhttps://t.co/LNzq6MzqjR
— Maximiliano Firtman @ ?? Vilnius (@firt) March 26, 2019
Maximiliano Firtman: On iOS, it is not possible to restart an installed PWA by closing it from the recently used apps screen and then immediately reopening it. Instead of restarting the app, iOS restores its state. This can be a problem for users if the PWA gets stuck in a broken state.
with type file bug on #iOS 12.2 #PWA Open the input, put the PWA in bg by pressing home button. The input stops working. True for any input with type file throughout the app. It works after a phone restart. pic.twitter.com/IfzsXy91RK
— Pankaj Nathani ?? (@croozeus) April 11, 2019
After some undefined time, the saved context seems to disappear. So if you get out of the PWA, do nothing with your phone and wait some hours to go back to the PWA, it restarts from scratch.
Instilling a performance culture at The Telegraph
Weve been working hard at The Telegraph to improve third-party performance. Here is an insight into our approach – https://t.co/4hhRDYaidS #webperf ??
— Gareth Clubb (@digitalclubb) April 30, 2019
Gareth Clubb: At The Telegraph (a major UK newspaper), we set up a web performance working group to tackle our “organizational” performance challenges and instill a performance culture. The group meets regularly to review third-party tags and work on improving our site’s performance.
We’ve started deferring all JavaScript (including our own) using the