In this week’s week roundup of browser news, a trick for loading images conditionally using the picture element, your chance to tell bowser vendors about the web you want, and the styles applied to inline SVG elements are, well, not scoped only to that SVG.
Let’s turn to the headlines…
Preventing image loads with the picture element
You can use the element to prevent an image from loading if a specific media query matches the user’s environment (e.g., if the viewport width is larger or smaller than a certain length value). [Try out the demo:
See the Pen
voZENR by Šime Vidas (@simevidas)
on CodePen.

(via Scott Jehl)
The Web We Want
The Web We Want ( is a new collaboration between browser vendors that aims to collect feedback from web developers about the current state of the web. You can submit a feature request on the website (“What do you want?””) and get a chance to present it at an event (An Event Apart, Smashing Conference, etc.).
(via Aaron Gustafson)
In other news
Firefox supports a non-standard Boolean parameter for the location.reload method that can be used to hard-reload the page (bypassing the browser’s HTTP cache) [via Wilson Page]
If you use inline elements that itself have inline CSS code (in