In this week’s look around the world of web platform news, Google Search Console makes it easier to view crawled markup, we learn that custom properties aren’t computing hogs, variables defined at the top-level in JavaScript are global to other page scripts, and Babel env now supports the defaults query — plus all of last month’s news compiled into a single package for you.
Easier HTML inspection in Google Search Console
The URL Inspection tool in Google Search Console now includes useful controls for searching within and copying the HTML code of the crawled page.
Note: The URL Inspection tool provides information about Google’s indexed version of a specific page. You can access Google Search Console at
(via Barry Schwartz)
CSS properties are computed once per element
The value of a CSS custom property is computed once per element. If you define a custom property –func on the element that uses the value of another custom property –val, then re-defining the value of –val on a nested DOM element that uses –func won’t have any effect because the inherited value of –func is already computed.
html {
–angle: 90deg;
–gradient: linear-gradient(var(–angle), blue, red);
header {
–angle: 270deg; /* ignored */
background-image: var(–gradient); /* inherited value */
(via Miriam Suzanne)
The global scope of scripts
JavaScript variables created via let, const, or class declarations at the top level of a script (