Can JavaScript Detect the Browser’s Zoom Level?

I’m talking about the idea of image hosting services that allow you to manipulate the URL to the image in order to transform it. In other words, if you need multiple copies of an image in order to do justice for the responsive images syntax, you don’t have to make the images yourself — you adjust the URL so that you have the perfect image for the job.

Auto-Growing Inputs & Textareas

Markdown has traditionally been a favorite format for programmers to write documentation. It’s simple enough for almost everyone to learn and adapt to while making it easy to format and style content. It was so popular that commands from Markdown have been used in chat applications like Slack and Whatsapp as document applications, like Dropbox Paper and Notion. When GitHub introduced Markdown support for README documentation, they also rendered HTML content from it — so, for example, we could drop … Read article “An Introduction to MDXJS”