Protecting Vue Routes with Navigation Guards

You can’t position: sticky; a

. Nor a

. But you can sticky a

, which means you can make sticky headers inside a regular ol’

. This is tricky stuff, because if you didn’t know this weird quirk, it would be hard to blame you. It makes way more sense to sticky a parent element like the table header rather than each individual element in a row. … Read article “Position Sticky and Table Headers”

Every Layout

WordPress released their anticipated over to the post editor, nicknamed Gutenberg, which is also referred to as the block editor. It transforms a WordPress post into a collection of blocks that you can add, edit, remove and re-order in the layout. Before the official release, Gutenberg was available as a plugin and, during that time, I was interested in learning how to create custom blocks for the editor. I was able to learn a lot about Gutenberg that I … Read article “Managing WordPress Metadata in Gutenberg Using a Sidebar Plugin”