On Adding IDs to Headings

Here’s the plan! We’re going to build a styled select element. Not just the outside, but the inside too. Total styling control. Plus we’re going to make it accessible. We’re not going to try to replicate everything that the browser does by default with a native element when any assistive tech is used. But when a mouse is being used, we’ll show the styled version and make it function as … Read article “Striking a Balance Between Native and Custom Select Elements”

A Primer on Display Advertising for Web Designers

A lot of websites (this one included) rely on advertising as an important revenue source. Those ad placements directly impact the interfaces we build and interact with every day. Building layouts with ads in them is a dance of handling them in fluid environments, and also balancing the need to showcase our content and highlight the ads to make sure they are effective.

Using Formik to Handle Forms in React

This is just a tiny little trick that might be helpful on a site where you don’t have the time or desire to build out a really good on-site search solution. Google.com itself can perform searches scoped to one particular site. The trick is getting people there using that special syntax without them even knowing it.… Read article “How to Redirect a Search Form to a Site-Scoped Google Search”

Constrained CSS grids without `max-width`

Puzzles, [Malcom Gladwell] wrote, are problems for which there is not enough information. An example of a puzzle: Where is Jimmy Hoffa buried? If we had more information, we would know the answer. If someone told us “Jimmy Hoffa is buried in New Jersey,” we’d know a little more than we know now. If they said, “He’s buried in northern New Jersey,” we’d know even more. If they said, “He’s buried in the Meadowlands,” we’d have an